Jack Petchy awards

It was great to be able to hand out some awards to young people from my area who were being recognised for their commitment to their football team. In fact Jim handed out the awards to the highest achievers. This is me giving out socks to the under tens team!

Saturday canvassing

On Saturday morning we had a big crowd of us out canvassing on the Burdett estate, listening to people, picking up casework that we can help sort out and asking people to support Ken Livingstone and London Labour in May.

Celebrating democracy

Earlier this week I attended an event organised by some friends to celebrate the successful election of Akmol Hussain in Jagannathpur.  It was a great opportunity for me to catch up with old friends as well as hear about how things are currently going in that area.  It’s always invaluable for me to hear more about the contribution that British Bangladeshis make to their families and communities in Bangladesh. 

Fare Deal

On the first working day of the year I, along with many London Labour activists, was out at a tube station handing out Fare Deal leaflets, to commuters who were arriving to face yet another fare increase from Boris Johnson.  The pledge from Ken to cut fares is really welcome, and I’m sure this campaign was the first of many mass mobilisations we as gear up to sack Boris and win back City Hall for Labour in May.