The Tower Hamlets NHS Pledge

Cllr Rachael Saunders, Sam Everington GP and Jim Fitzpatrick MP at the
launch of the Tower Hamlets NHS Pledge
On the 13th February I, alongside Dr Sam Everington, the chair of the Tower Hamlets clinical commissioning group and Jim Fitzpatrick MP, with Labour members and local people, launched the Tower Hamlets NHS Pledge. 
This was an important moment.  Andy Burnham and I launched our consultation on the NHS Pledge in November, and I’ve been talking to members and residents about what matters to them since.  This Pledge is the outcome. 
The NHS Pledge demonstrates our commitment to shared values at a difficult time for the NHS.  Activists, councillors and our MPs stood together with GPs and health professionals in opposition to the Tory top down NHS reorganisation.  Now, we stand together again, united around a core set of values.  At a time of change for the NHS, with £50 million of cuts to make locally, we will continue to campaign together to protect our health services from this Conservative led government and to improve the physical, social and mental health of the people of Tower Hamlets. 
NHS Pledge Tower Hamlets
We are committed to working together to improve the physical, social and mental health of the people of Tower Hamlets.  We intend to narrow the health inequalities between Tower Hamlets and the UK, and between the communities and areas of Tower Hamlets. 
Protect NHS founding values. 
The NHS was born under a Labour government rooted in the east end of London.  We will protect an NHS that is free at the point of use, resisting charging and restrictions.   
Promote collaboration over competition
Primary and acute care providers, commissioners and the local authority must combine resources to achieve person centred health and social care.   We will not allow artificial targets or market pressures to undermine patient care.  Mental health must be brought to the heart of the NHS, with parity of esteem with other services.  Innovation in public health will be driven through broad collaboration between the NHS, local authority, voluntary sector and local people. 
Guard Against Longer Waits
Waiting times across the UK have already increased by 25% since the General Election.  We are committed to maintaining Labour’s waiting standards for cancer care, operations and A&E and will seek to develop standards for talking therapies.   
Prevent postcode lotteries
The availability of services in Tower Hamlets must be on the basis of need.     Decision making must be transparent. 
Put patients before profits. 
We will stand against any introduction of financial incentives that could lead to sub optimal care in the NHS. 
We believe in putting people before profits, valuing our workforce.