3 Tower Hamlets Labour Leaders back Rachael

Today I am announcing that Julia Mainwaring, Denise Jones and Michael Keith, three previous leaders of Tower Hamlets council, are backing me to be the next Labour Mayor for Tower Hamlets.
Leading Tower Hamlets is a big job – I am proud to have three people who have done that job before uniting to back me to win back the council and move Tower Hamlets forward.

Julia Mainwaring Labour Councillor from 1994 – 2006 and Leader of the Council from 1998 -99, said:

“I am backing Rachael because she is intelligent, honest and hardworking.
She has the strength and determination to take on all the challenges that come with the role of Mayor .
Rachael will ensure that integrity becomes the top priority for Tower Hamlets politics.
It will be good to see a strong woman providing leadership in this Borough.”

Prof. Michael Keith, former Councillor and Leader of Tower Hamlets Council from 1999 – 2001 and 2005-2006

Michael Keith said: “I am happy to support Rachael Saunders for the mayor of Tower Hamlets. She is the best candidate for the job; the most likely to beat Lutfur Rahman and the most plausible candidate to unite the borough. Rachael would be a mayor who is energetic, committed and talented. She is someone who is equally comfortable on Brick Lane or in a board room in Canary Wharf. Rachael’s drive and determination makes her the best choice to move Tower Hamlets forward.”

Councillor Denise Jones, St Katharine’s and Wapping ward, Labour’s Lead for Culture and former Leader of Tower Hamlets Council from 2006-2008 said:

“I’m supporting Rachael for Mayor of Tower Hamlets because I think she has the skills to unite the borough again. She’s a woman whose strengths lie in her commitment to public service. Like many of us, she wants to restore the council’s reputation to the ‘Excellent’ rating that was achieved by previous Labour Leaders until 2008 and has a well worked out vision for the future. Since she was elected as a councillor Rachael has worked extremely hard to make improvements in her ward and is popular with her constituents. She’s a warm person and a good communicator with anyone from all backgrounds. She has more than 17 years experience campaigning for Labour policies and is leading on the local campaign to save the NHS and on health issues for all residents in the borough. I recommend you meet her and listen to what she has to say – then vote for Rachael!”

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