Cllr Motin Uz-Zaman and Cllr Mizan Chaudhury back Rachael

Today two additional senior councillors have announced that they are backing me to be the next Labour Mayor for Tower Hamlets. 

Cllr Motin Uz-Zaman, current Deputy Leader of the Labour Group and a previous ceremonial Mayor of the borough, and Cllr Mizan Chaudhury, the first Speaker of Tower Hamlets council and a councillor for Bethnal Green South.  

I am grateful for their support.  

Their statements are below. 

Cllr Motin Uz-zaman, Deputy Leader of Labour Group and Mayor of Tower Hamlets 2010

“I’m backing Rachael as I believe she will be best the candidate for winning back the council in 2014. As my ward colleague, I have worked with her hand-in-hand and know how good she will be as the Mayor for this borough. She is considerate, approachable and an excellent listener – someone that is full of energy and passionate about the community with a vision to do better for all; in moving this borough forward. She will be a good ambassador for the young people and women in our borough as she could relate to their issues and concerns. I could relate to the vision she has and as a team we could achieve those. I want others to join us in making history by electing the first woman directly elected Labour Mayor in the country”.   

Cllr Mizan Chaudhury, First Speaker of Tower Hamlets, Bethnal Green South Ward

“I have thought about it thoroughly who will be the best candidate to deliver for the community and have reached the decision it will be Rachael. We need a candidate that can unite the community in moving the borough forward and I believe Rachael is that person – she is young, fresh, energetic, passionate, inclusive, reliable and has the vision and commitment to deliver for all sections of our community – a vision that I share too. Like me, she understands the needs of our borough, young people, women, the elderly and local organisations – that is why I am backing her and together we could deliver on these. Its time to move forward and make a change. Working as a team we will bring a new direction to Tower Hamlets that only seeks to make changes for the better, a brighter and proud future for all – lets all be part of this change.”

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