Tower Hamlets Mayoral selection hustings – calling on the Tories to give us the Work Programme to sort out

photo speaking hustingsLast night was the first hustings of the mayoral selection, held at Queen Mary university.   We had some good conversations – I’m looking forward to the next two.

In my speech I called on the Tory government to let local authorities get on with running the Work programme, because the Tory government has failed to get people into work.

I said:

“I have a clear vision for how we create a shared future for Tower Hamlets.

A greater focus on adult skills, demanding that the Tories give the Work Programme to the council to run, because this government has have failed in getting people into work.

Holding business to account – money flows through Tower Hamlets – Crossrail, Canary Wharf, the Olympics on our doorstep – but local people see little benefit.  This must change”.

Currently Newham’s Workplace programme gets three times the number of people into work that the Tower Hamlets equivalent Skillsmatch manages – that’s excluding all Olympics related jobs.  There are great local voluntary organisations having a real impact supporting people into work – as a council we need to map what’s already available, challenge business and back up the voluntary sector to do more, then sort out our own provision.  There’s so much more we can do working with sector skills councils and employers to develop qualification frameworks that work for us, and will equip our people for work in sectors that are likely to see future growth.

With the Tories attacking the support available to our communities in Tower Hamlets there is an urgency to getting people into work.  We are surrounded by economic opportunity, but our people aren’t seeing the benefits.  I’m standing in this selection to change that.

photo candidates

For more detail of the failure of the Tory Work programme see:,2012-11-27